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Belly Shot

Posted by parsingtime on January 13, 2010

The day I found out I was pregnant and let’s be completely honest (vain much?) I’m fearful that this might be the last time my stomach was decent enough for a bikini.

At 15 weeks. I have a name for this but it is a little derogatory so I won’t mention it here, but ladies you know the women that wear really tight shirts but don’t have the body for it and so there gut just hangs out over the jeans in a less than pleasant manner? That is the gut I have right now. Pregnancy weight looks so different than normal weight gain.

Have no fear male readers of ‘Time. I will cover up the gut before things get too National Geographic.

So we come to an end of my back posts on pregnancy…I deleted some of the more boring ones for which I’m sure you are thankful. I’m sitting here at 15 weeks still in regular pants held together with a hair tie because it is more comfortable (maternity is probably not too far away as the little beast is supposed to double in size over the next month or so) and feeling good. I’m still running pretty much every day though it does take me a couple of minutes to get my gait right and I also run a slower mile than I did before.

I managed to get through the first three months without throwing up and moving halfway across the country which I consider a check in the win column. And this fourth month has been relatively easy.

It may not have come through in these posts but I find that I’m much more laid back pregnant person than I thought I would be. I’m eating right and doing all the things that I need to do but I don’t find the books that helpful so I stopped reading them. I don’t watch any crazy baby shows.  I get lots of advice from all sorts of sources some of it good some of it judgmental (you got the h1n1 shot your baby is going to have three eyes!) and I just take what interests me and ignore the rest.

I’m interested in decorating a nursery — are these not cute? We are going with an animal motif because I’m not re-decorating should we decide to have another and the other is a different sex — but I have no interest at all in creating a baby registry. Looking up safety regulations and picking amongst six thousand car seats? No, thanks. Someone send me their old registry and I’ll copy.

I guess a laid back 50% excited and 50% nervous about describes me.


One Response to “Belly Shot”

  1. Hannah said

    I feel like Charlotte to your Miranda. No interest in creating a baby registry? (Insert scrunchy confused face.) I think I wanted the cute tiny things more than I wanted the baby, not that such thoughts are normal or healthy.

    My registry is probably still up but I wouldn’t use it as a reference. So many things I got were useless and so many things I really use I ended up buying later on an emergency trip to Babies R Us.

    Love the animals. I agree with a gender neutral nursery. We don’t spend nearly enough time in here to justify the time and money we would have spent on a fancy room.

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