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Ultrasound Techs

Posted by parsingtime on January 12, 2010

In week 8 I discovered that one should  never let a doctor handle your ultrasound. Especially an old doctor. First off in the movies they always spread goo on your stomach and wave something around and everyone oohs and ahhs over the sight of their fetus.

In reality, the doctor started squeezing a ton of medical grade KY on what looked to be a large sex toy. She then proceeded to shove the large white plastic ultrasound stick in my hooha and move it around like there was a six lane highway up in there. I have a single lane road. Maybe after the baby there will be a highway but until then let’s not shove the plastic wand thing around like a torture device.

She then proceeded to making noises about the baby being slow. At that point Husband looked over to me and asked how the doctor knew our kid was dumb already. We then found out that it was the heart beat that was slow and then the doctor told us as far as she was concerned this was still a “wanted pregnancy” which freaked the crap out of us because wanted and viable are too different things.

Fortunately, when we went back for a follow up they told us everything was fine and pushed my due date back from June 25 to July 1.  But still, we had almost two weeks of worry…so if you are pregnant make sure the ultrasound tech does your ultrasound and not the ancient doctor. Also, in the first few weeks don’t expect the goo on your stomach thing.


One Response to “Ultrasound Techs”

  1. Hannah said

    I had a seven week ultrasound with a tech and she did the stomach goo thing. She said at that gestational age internal ultrasounds are more reliable but she always likes to see what she can see the regular way first. Obviously the docs have seen a lot more vagIna in their day and are far less squeamish about jabbing a wand up yours. Just another reason to go tech next time. Not to assume there will be a next time.

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