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The End of My First Car

Posted by parsingtime on December 15, 2009

The people of Craigslist do not deserve to buy my lovely Sentra. Half of them can’t spell (I’m am enquiring about…) and half of them are crazy.

Like one guy emailed and asked if we would take $1600. Husband emailed back and said he had two people coming to look at the car and if they didn’t offer something better then maybe. The first person who came to visit offered $1700 so Husband emailed the dude back and said he got a higher offer and was the guy still interested. The guy writes back to tell Husband that if he got an offer of $1700 he should have taken it and that he doesn’t like the way Husband does business and he is going to take his money elsewhere.

Husband is not a dealer of used cars so taking your money elsewhere does not hurt him. Plus why is it any of the dude’s business how much we sell the car for?

One lady emailed and said she would buy the car if Husband went to two specific insurance websites and told her how much the insurance would be for the car.

The car ended up selling yesterday for $50 under the asking price (asking price was Kelly Blue Book) which is pretty hilarious since I introduced my car to a lamp-post back in March and the dent is still there. A lovely Grandpa bought it for his daughter who is in AP classes and she needs a car more than he needs jet ski’s. And his wife had a doctor’s appointment yesterday so they had to have sandwiches for lunch. And if we could meet him by the Cut Rite, which used to be Eckerds but got bought out (you mean Rite Aid), oh yes, Rite Aid not Cut Rite. And do you think it will be okay to get the title notarized if we are at a different bank than my normal bank. I sure hope so because I don’t normally go to this bank I go to the one on Smith Road and…the man does not stop to take a breath. Every conversation with him on the phone takes at least 20 minutes and showing him the car took over an hour (he brought a flashlight and looked under the car!), which is amazing because he is a complete stranger.

And so the Sentra after 12 years and six months will no longer be my car. Lots of stuff happened in that car…I drove to lots of High School football games and road tripped to Atlanta in that car. Random and I drove home from college in that car while singing to oldies. Emilia would look at me horrified as I drove down the highway not realizing I was doing 85 mph. I drove to my first post law school job in that car. I drove that car to my wedding.  I made my first expensive purchase when I bought a CD player for that car (the receipt was still in the glove box $187).

Things Husband also found in the glove box? A tire gauge, a swiss army knife, a tampon and a compass. These are the things I considered necessary for car survival at some point.

Bye, Sentra. It’s been a good ride.


4 Responses to “The End of My First Car”

  1. tiembo said

    hooray for fond car farewells

  2. Emilia said

    Did you at least listen to Killing Me Softly one more time, in honor of all those rides home from school when it would come on the radio every single time?
    Bye Bye Parsing’s Sentra. Take care of the new AP student!

  3. Random said

    I miss you, Sentra (mine and Parsing’s).

  4. Eugel Long said

    Nice short I was waiting for the list to be exercised. I hate salespeople unless they are self employed….I am a buyer not a shopper. You must have been scary. Two bad cops I usually rely on my better half to be the bad cop. Looking forward to the happy ending

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