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Move Car Gifts

Posted by parsingtime on December 14, 2009

I have nothing to say that doesn’t involve the phrase “oh my god we are trying to move halfway across the country before Christmas and we made the decision to move on Saturday.”

I’ve had horrible dreams about house hunting. I’ve been feeling sick so packing these last two days has been more like, pack a box and then sit on the couch with some OJ for an hour.

And from all of this you can gather that Husband has taken a new job! He had two job offers. One offered a full corporate move. The other offered money for a move but not the full pack job.  Guess which one he decided to take? There a few things I would like to experience some time in my life, one is flying internationally business class and another is having someone else pack up my crap.

Also we are selling my beloved car. The one and only car I’ve ever owned. Thirteen years I’ve owned this car. I drove it out of the dealership with eleven miles on it. It now has 139,700. Husband hates my car and is not so secretly glad to get rid of it but I challenge him to find another thirteen year old car that has cost less in maintenance than my little Sentra.

If anyone knows what I should get for my in-laws for Christmas please let me know. I’m stumped. In the past few years I’ve gotten them high thread count sheets, nice towels (they don’t use), an expensive set of pots (after my MIL admired mine). I realize these are all a little generic (I buy my Dad a generic gift each year — subscription to the Economist but I know that he likes it) but I don’t know anything at all about the things that they like (except for their son, they really really like their son) and Husband is no help in this department.  I try to buy them things that are joint gifts (because thinking of two things it way too complicated) and that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Help!


4 Responses to “Move Car Gifts”

  1. Carol said

    Hrm, one year we got them nice towels too. We also got them robes which I think they liked but there’s really little use for it in the summers. This year we got my MIL one of those electronic photo frames and are just going to load a bunch of pics. Maybe since they love their son very very very much, they would enjoy having rotating updated pictures of him around?

  2. Kelly said

    I saw a demo of this keurig machine that makes coffee and tea with pods, plus you can get an attachment that lets you use your own coffee or tea. I considered it for my in laws, who are also very hard to buy for.We’vedone bird feeders,crocs, opera tickets, gift cards to really nice restaurants. Good luck. Can’t wait until you are here. Not to rub it in, but the Navy moved us here and it was reaaly nice. However, I did feel bad sitting around while someone else did all the work-especially moving our giant pottery barn furniture down from the third floor. It felt so elitist to me.

  3. They don’t drink coffee but we have a Keurig and Husband loves it (I don’t drink coffee either so I can’t attest to its greatness).

    I want to feel elitist says the girl who has wrapped 9000 pieces of dishware while Husband “deals” with the sale of the car. The car I don’t want to sell.

  4. Emilia said

    I second the idea of a digital photo frame… and the Kuerig (stacy has one…) but since they don’t drink coffee, then that’s no good. Sorry. I don’t have any inlaws, and the gifts my parents get their inlaws wouldn’t work, unless you think they need a deer feeder and 30 lbs of deer corn… 😉

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