More Annoyed than Amused

Judgmental and Okay with It

Posted by parsingtime on December 7, 2009

You know how you’re supposed to be supportive of people at the gym because at least they are trying to make an effort to be healthy and improve themselves? I don’t feel that way. I’m the judgmental person who gets annoyed with those people.

When I see people taking up treadmill space at the gym and they are walking at a pace that is less than the pace I would walk in a crowded mall, I just get upset.  In particular at my little apartment gym there are a group of women who use the gym as their social hour. They take up all the treadmills, walk at 1.5 miles per hour and gossip. Loudly.

And then when they are done with that they take all the weights do a couple of arm moves and then leave the weights wherever they happen to be standing.  One of them wears the same silk top every time I see her. And it smells like she isn’t aware that gym clothes must be washed even if you only walk 1.5 miles per hour.  Also they never wipe down their machines.

There is gym etiquette people and you shouldn’t use the gym if you aren’t going to follow it.

Also, random aside to just say, can you guys believe how cranky I am? I mean every single stranger I run into seems to have annoyed me over the last few weeks.


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