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Cabbage Patch Dolls

Posted by parsingtime on November 18, 2009

This one is for Emilia. She admitted to wearing Care Bear t-shirts so I have to post a humiliating photo of me.

Here we have me wearing some sort of Cabbage Patch dolls t-shirt with puff sleeves. That alone would be bad enough but I one up the terrible shirt by pairing it with shorts that are so short that I look like I belong on women’s volleyball team. Why do I have them hiked up to my armpits?

And here we have another winning combination: bathing suit, t-shirt over the top, socks hiked up as far as they can go and tennis shoes. Why the socks and sneakers combo? I have no idea. But if my parents weren’t going to dress me like a normal human being then the least they could have done is shown me the proper way to use binoculars.

My thighs haven’t seen this kind of exposure since I realized I inherited my dad’s legs and not my mom’s in 1988.


3 Responses to “Cabbage Patch Dolls”

  1. Emilia said

    At least you look suitably angry at the photographer for recording your outfit for future generations to make fun of… Did you have a cabbage patch doll to go with the shirt? I did (and several care bears, as well)! Now all we need is something with Rainbo Brite or She-ra.

  2. I think I had a She-ra toothbrush. She-ra and He-Man. Wow, I hadn’t thought about that cartoon in years.

  3. Emilia said

    I’m impressed… I don’t think I had anything from She-ra, Princess of Power. My mom still has my Rainbo Brite sheets, though, and Lainey likes to sleep on them when she visits.

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