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Shutting Down

Posted by parsingtime on November 11, 2009

So I mentioned very briefly that Husband’s company is shutting down. I would tell you what kind of company but if I did then everyone searching for it would find my blog and my anonymity would be gone because there aren’t too many around. Anyway, the company is closed, furniture is being sold and Husband is searching for a job.

Fortunately, his schooling and experience mean that unlike 10% of the country suffering from unemployment, he should be able to find a job relatively quickly. Whether it is really what he wants to do is another question.

As far as I’m concerned if I don’t really care what he does as long as he likes it and it comes with a corporate relocation package. I’m so tired of packing up and moving.

We will probably also try to squeeze in a last minute vacation between moving and starting the new job (not a cruise if I have any say in the matter).  Not having the flexibility to take off whenever you want without having to request vacation time is definitely going to be the hardest thing about Husband moving back to a corporate job.  Random is currently in Australia…doesn’t Australia sound like the perfect last minute vacation?  I wonder if we can just get the cash for a corporate move, pack ourselves and use the left overs for Australia?  It’s the only way I’m going to be motivated to pack.

That was such a frugal Indian person thing to say…except if I really was a frugal Indian person the left over relocation money would go into something boring like our house fund not on a vacation.

So, on to the next thing, whatever that may be.


One Response to “Shutting Down”

  1. Hannah said

    He should come work at BV! Unlimited vacation policy! A co-worker of Joel’s is going to Africa for three and a half weeks this month.

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