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Run Random Run

Posted by parsingtime on October 28, 2009

When Random and I first met at the tender age of 16 our idea of exercise was marching band practice for a couple of hours every day of the fall semester.  Sweating in the Texas sun worked for us.

In college to stem the freshman 15 we took this crazy kickboxing class and used Billy Blanks Tae Bo tapes. It worked and we both remained thin but we were pretty haphazard in our exercise routine.  In the last few years as 30 has creeped closer and closer our ideas for exercise have changed. We both run. Run! Back in high school running was for track team members, not people like us.  I don’t do the distance she does but we both get that exercise high and working out is a daily part of our lives.

In a few days Random Banker is going to be running the NYC marathon. She is an I-banker who frequently works until crazy hours of the morning, gets two hours of sleep (if she’s lucky) and then goes back to work.  She has been spending her scant free time over the last six months or so training for the marathon. A few weeks ago she ran 23 miles. Twenty-three! The only way I would run 23 miles is if I was being chased by the gigantic spiders in the Harry Potter books.  And even then I might just give up and let them eat me.

So if you have time, wish Random good luck and speedy legs for this weekend.


One Response to “Run Random Run”

  1. Random said

    I didn’t see this until today – thanks for the post! Don’t let the spiders get you.

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