More Annoyed than Amused

Roman Polanski

Posted by parsingtime on October 13, 2009

Dear Mr. Polanski,

I think you’re a really great director. The Pianist was a great film, though I still haven’t convinced my Husband to see it because he is so over Holocaust films. Nevertheless, I think you are very talented.

I hear you got arrested recently. That must suck. Being in jail can’t be any fun.  I can see why you would feel tired and depressed. You’re a creative type, jail isn’t a place for someone like you I can understand that. Well except for one small teensy thing. It’s been bothering me because lots of people defend you for this. And sure, I get that it happened over 30 years ago, and the girl in question doesn’t want to prosecute because she doesn’t want to deal with the publicity but  I just can’t get over the fact that you gave a 13-year-old girl a quaalude and then raped her vaginally and anally.

Oh, I know that there is evidence of judicial misconduct and that there is evidence you didn’t know the girls real age. And of course you have a suffered greatly having to avoid countries with extradition treaties with the US and not being able to go to Hollywood to direct a film.  Hell, you weren’t even able to return to the US to accept your Oscar.  That is a travesty.

But there is also evidence that you raped a 13-year-old girl and not knowing her age really isn’t an excuse for having sex with someone who said no.  I feel bad for you I really do. Jail, even a Swiss jail can’t be a barrel of laughs. I hope that if and when you are sentenced in the US that it isn’t for a long time (though that fleeing the country thing isn’t going to make a judge happy), but you admitted you raped a 13-year-old girl and you have to be sentenced, even if you don’t serve another day in jail, because what you did was wrong.

I hope that your current life as a great director, husband and father works in your favor. You seem to have lived a more or less good life (if that can even be defined) since then and I doubt that spending the rest of it in jail is a good use of taxpayer dollars. However, like I said before you did rape a child and while justice may be blind, it doesn’t turn a blind eye.

Parsing Time


2 Responses to “Roman Polanski”

  1. Hannah said

    Did you read the Economist article a few months back about the injustice of generally good kids being labeled sex offenders for life because of consensual teenage relationships that qualify as statutory rape? This ridiculousness about Roman Polansky makes me think of that. If you’re gonna commit a crime, it sure helps to be rich and famous.

  2. I did. That was ridiculous.

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