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Health Insurance is Screwed Up

Posted by parsingtime on October 2, 2009

Undoubtedly, the health care/health insurance system in this country is a big mess. I don’t really believe that the Obama health care plan is going to fix the problem…it might even make it worse.  I do believe that private health insurance makes no sense.

For example, Husband and I are both self-employed and insure ourselves. When we moved to Charlotte I got an individual plan that cost $300 per month. It covered me for basic doctor visits, had a high deductible and I was paying $50 a month for my birth control.  If I had needed my colonoscopy while on that plan it would have cost $1000.  If I had decided to give birth while on that plan it would have cost $4000-$6000 depending on whether I “elected” to have an epidural.

Husband then added me to his company plan. Because he was a “company” (even though there are only two employees) my health care costs $350 per month. Except now my colonoscopy costs me $40. Birth control is now $10. Giving birth is $1000, epidural or no epidural.

If I wanted to get the same kind of coverage I get as part of Husband’s two person company as an individual? $750.

People, $750 is what I pay in rent each month.

It doesn’t make sense and it really ought to.


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