More Annoyed than Amused

Axe Murderer

Posted by parsingtime on October 1, 2009

Is there anything scarier, that can happen in the bathroom, than the lights turning off in the middle of your shower? Because that’s what happened today. The lights just went off.  And the things that run through your head in the 5 seconds it takes to peek around the curtain to see if there is an axe murderer out there trying to rape you are:

  1. Is there an axe murderer out there who wants to rape you and then fatten you up so he can peel off your skin and make it into a coat?
  2. Did I leave the door unlocked when I came back from my work out?
  3. How is Husband going to feel when he has to identify some random foot the CMPD found in a ditch by your missing toenail?
  4. I helped a bunch of old people yesterday surely I wouldn’t get killed the day after helping old people.  Karma isn’t that perverted.
  5. I should have eaten chocolate last night.

Fortunately, there was no axe murderer. But I was so worked up about showering in the dark that I slipped, banged my arm, then scraped it and now it is bleeding (bleeding enough that I can see blood through the band-aid) and hurts.

You’ve got to wonder why my mind goes to the worse possible thing when it was just a power outage.


One Response to “Axe Murderer”

  1. Emilia said

    Mine does the same thing! Although mine usually stops at axe murdering… and wondering if my razor will be an effective weapon.

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