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Opinions Needed

Posted by parsingtime on September 25, 2009

This is a major point of contention between Husband and I.

Yesterday, Husband dropped his contact holder thing-y in the toilet (it is one of those contact cases where the lid screws off and you put the contacts in holders and then screw the whole thing back together — don’t ask me what it is called I have no idea).

I say we should buy a new one.

Husband says we can boil it in hot water and it will be fine. And didn’t I clean the toilet yesterday?

Yes, yes I did clean the toilet yesterday and still between yesterday and the time the contact case dropped in the toilet things occurred in that toilet that should never be near your eye. Not even the microscopic molecule that might survive a boiling. Pink eye! Venereal Eye Disease! Plus it doesn’t cost that much to replace it.

Husband says, but it costs more than a dollar to replace it.

People of the internet, thoughts?

Perhaps the rule should now be that not only must you put the seat down on the toilet you must also put down the lid.


5 Responses to “Opinions Needed”

  1. chengster said

    i say go with the daily contacts and forget about the cases…

    i think it will be clean enough… but not having to think about toilets every time i am putting on the contacts definitely worth that $1 for the new case.

    but before we get to boiling the case… how did you guys get it out of the toilet in the first place?

  2. Hannah said

    First of all, boiling does sterilize stuff well enough. I would choose that option if I dropped something in the toilet that was expensive and that doesn’t go in my eyes. But in this case Husband is being cheap and gross. It’s not like you guys are poor. And really, even if you were struggling I think this would be a good time to scrape together a few dollars.

  3. tiembo said

    you’re boiling plastic – probably not a good idea, since it becomes malleable and may give off random chemicals. i can’t say for sure, but then something like BPA exists…

    a sure bet is to rinse it with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. just be sure to rinse it off afterwards.

    however, the screw-on ones hold too much contact lens solution. get the really cheap ones that are flip-top that hold just enough for the lenses and solution. like these:

  4. Husband has agreed to a new contact case! Woo hoo!

  5. Emilia said

    EWWWWWWWWW! As someone who also uses one of those contact cases, I’m kinda grossed out. I’m no germaphobe, but anything that goes into the toilet should only go out down the drain! I will gladly spring for a new case, if you can’t shell out the 2.50 a cheap one from Wallyworld costs.
    Further, since it’s plastic, I don’t think it would survive the boiling!

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