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Real Adult

Posted by parsingtime on September 18, 2009

I was just filling out some forms and I wrote Sharma instead of Visnawathan. I had to scratch out the Sharma.  At what point will I feel completely comfortable with my married last name? I’m going to guess about 25 years since that is how long I was a Sharma.

When I turned 29 earlier this year I decided that this was my year to become a real adult. As part of that I decided it was time for me to finally own some perfume. I went to try some out recently, sprayed a scent I liked on to my wrist and promptly burst out into hives where I had sprayed.  My being a real adult is going to have to mean not smelling good.

Husband’s work is so up and down I’ve come to realize I can’t believe anything he says. He is the boy who cried wolf except he cries wolf over where we are going to live next.  I no longer believe anything he says about our next move. When the movers show up to take our furniture then I’ll believe it’s real.

I’ve been to four major American cities in every cardinal direction in the past 42 days. Craziness.


One Response to “Real Adult”

  1. Emilia said

    If perfume is a mark of adulthood, I will never be an adult. It makes me itchy and sneezy – even when other people wear it!

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