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Cause All of the Stars Have Faded Away

Posted by parsingtime on September 8, 2009

I read The Road  by Cormac McCarthy last night on the recommendation of a good friend.  It got a lot of press when it came out and is the story of a father and son who are traveling south in some post-apocalyptic world. The book doesn’t tell you exactly what happened but the sun is obscured by a layer of ash and pretty much everything is dead. Cows, humans, plant life, everything.  The duo scrounges for food, avoid the humans who have turned to cannibalism and head south to warmer weather.   Throughout the novel the father reassures his son that they are one of the good guys and there there are still people out there who are humane and have ethics, though you rarely see it in the book. The boy is compassionate and really wants to believe there are good people out there and that they are worth saving.   The father wants to survive.

I read way too late last night because I wanted to finish. When I did I was just so incredibly sad. And by incredibly sad I mean I shed a tear which turned in to full blown crying which lead to me sobbing (quietly — not one of those hysterical sobs) into Husbands neck about the world and how hopeless it is and what if America slides from a first world country into a third world country like that economist said and there is nuclear war over water and resources and we all die?  It felt like there was no hope left (in the book not in real life — it just spilled over to real life).

Husband has now banned me from the news.

All this is to say, I really enjoyed this book and despite my personal hysterics and the fact that it was an Oprah book club pick I would recommend it if you haven’t read it already.


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  1. Random said

    Bring it with you!

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