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Posted by parsingtime on August 27, 2009

Husband and I were watching the Beatles Anthology last night and I have decreed (in the Land of ‘Time at least) that In My Life is one of the most romantic songs ever. 

It is disturbing to go put the dishwashing liquid tablet things into the dishwasher and realize that the liquid tablet thing is still there from the last time you turned on the dishwasher.  All of the sudden the reason why you needed a tums this week and Husband had a tummy ache makes sense. You were eating off UNCLEAN dishes. Yuck.

I love that my mom has learned to use the Internet in the way that only a woman who really doesn’t want to use the internet can. She called yesterday because she broke the CD that installs her printer at work and tried to look up a way to get a new one online. She called me because I am her IT support system and I explained drivers to her.  She was amazed!  And then she asked if she should save the driver to a new CD so she would always have it. I told her there was no need. Google will always have her back.

Husband and I have been married for four years today. In four years we have managed to attain one degree, quit two jobs, start two companies, live in three different states, move into four different apartments and travel to eight countries together amongst many other things.  This year marks our 10th year of knowing each other. It has passed quickly.

I found a typo in this week’s Economist. Given how many typos I make here I know that is shocking. But in the many years I have been a subscriber to the Economist I’ve never found a typo before. Also weirdly, this week’s online Economist debate is about how the world would be better off with fewer people. Husband and the editors over there are on the same wavelength.


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