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Great Restaurants in New Orleans

Posted by parsingtime on August 10, 2009

We are back from New Orleans where we discovered we are no longer used to the humidity and heat in the South. We had an excellent weekend celebrating the birthday of a friend and eating some really good food.

First the food. I don’t have any photos because every time there was food in front of our group it was inhaled. However I can unequivocally say that everything we ate this weekend was really really good.

Cafe Du Monde– Beignets and frozen Cafe au Lait. I like Beignet’s okay. To be honest, without the powered sugar it would be just fried dough.  I think I prefer a donut (with the sugar melted on) over the powered sugar.
Napoleon’s – Excellent dressed roast beef sandwiches, jambalaya, gumbo. Casual, inexpensive and in a house that was originally set to be given to Napoleon. He died on Elba before he could receive it.
Antoines– Expensive but oh so good. I had the best mojito of my life there. It is a seafood place and a great place for a nice meal. They also have live music in their bar area. The baked Alaska was sublime.
Central Grocery– Literally a grocery store that sells Muffalettas. I had never had a muffaletta before this weekend and traditionally it is full of things I don’t like (cheese, olives, salami etc) but this was probably the best sandwich I have ever eaten. Seriously. Go get a muffaletta at Central Grocery.  I had a quarter of a muffaletta and  that thing was a two handed, ten napkin sandwich.
Louisiana Pizza Kitchen – Great pizza. Bad Service….for us at least.  Ranked No. 1 pizza place in New Orleans 9 years in a row.
Acme Oyster House – The grilled oysters at Acme are my new favorite food. They were that good. The Peacemaker sandwich (oyster and shrimp po’boy with tobasco infused mayo) was also excellent.

As you can see from this list, if you want to eat healthy don’t go to New Orleans. The unhealthiness was totally worth the yumminess in my opinion. One of the girls there was a vegetarian and she had an interesting take on weekends like this one in New Orleans. She commented that weekends like this one is as much about the food as the people and activities and for the weekend she embraced the jambalaya, oysters and etoufee on offer. It was truly impressive especially when contrasted with a person who ordered a Turkey Po’Boy from Acme and proceeded to eat the lettuce and turkey from the middle.

We stayed in the French Quarter and were able to walk everywhere.  At night the city smells overpoweringly of urine but if you can get past that you will be able to go to some unique art galleries on Royal, see women flashing for cheap beads on Bourbon and poke through cute shops on Decatur.

Red Dress Run Redux Coming soon.

Cafe Du Monde


2 Responses to “Great Restaurants in New Orleans”

  1. Emilia said

    I concur on Cafe Du Monde, Napoleon’s, and Muffalettas. And shrimp poboys and gumbo. And red beans and rice. But then again, half of my people are from Louisiana.

  2. nice post.Thank you.

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