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Mish Mash

Posted by parsingtime on July 26, 2009

Husband could not tell a noticeable difference in the old shoes versus the new shoes.  He is however happy that I am happy with the new shoes, despite the fact that they look exactly the same.  Only to a man do they look exactly the same. If we want to talk about exactly the same, let’s talk about white dress shirts.  Those look exactly the same to me.

I am going to admit something that is embarrassing. I’m not proud to admit this but nevertheless it must be said: I like Taylor Swift. I know. I KNOW.  But the radio stations here aren’t that great and they play a lot of “crossover” artists and she is one of them and I find that I don’t change the channel when her songs come on and I’m an inveterate channel changer.  Even worse than liking Taylor Swift? I recently discovered another song of the country genre that I liked and found out that the song was written by Taylor Swift.  Does this mean I can now recognize her style of writing?  So wrong.   Anyway, in my defense I will say she is impressive in that she is 19, writes her own music, plays instruments and hasn’t managed to pull a Britney Spears.  That isn’t really a defense for bad taste in music is it? Gah.  Hangs head in shame.

We went to our second Doggie Birthday Party this weekend. Before moving to Charlotte we had never been to a birthday party for a dog now we have been to two. People in Charlotte love their puppies.

A couple of weeks ago the Economist published a special series on Texas and how awesome it is. Click here  for a brief online summary. Though you can’t tell from this article the Economist came down firmly on the side that Texas is in and California is out.

Husband has complained about the lack of posting lately so this week I’m going to make the effort to post every day. Things you can look forward to over the next few days…well I don’t know but I’m sure it will be thrilling.


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