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Shoe Dilemma

Posted by parsingtime on July 16, 2009

Conversation with Random via Email today.

I bought this dress in March and have been looking for the perfect metallic sandals to go with them and couldn’t find them so I bought something that looked good but wasn’t exactly what I wanted. And then today I found THE shoes. The shoes that are the perfect mix of bronze and gold. But I just bought the other shoes three weeks ago and I can’t really justify buying another pair. I will say that the new shoes are on sale for $19 and the old shoes were $16.

You should buy them!  Think about it this way – before you found either pair of sandals, if you had found a really great pair of metallic sandals and they had cost $35, would you have bought them?  My guess would be yes – you could find a way to rationalize that purchase.  Well, that’s all you’re doing now.  Might as well!  I may go in for a pair myself – if I can get out of the office long enough on the weekend to do it!

You are totally right. I would have spent $35 for the perfect shoes.

Having a friend to rationalize any guilt you might feel over a shoe purchase is one of the many reasons people should have a best friend.  I called and put my shoes on hold.  It is hilarious to me that we can trade six emails over the topic of shoes given that in high school there is no way that would have ever happened. We finally became girls. It only took a decade. Of course we wouldn’t have discussed quarterly earnings in high school either.

We’ve come a long way.


3 Responses to “Shoe Dilemma”

  1. Carol and Tiem said

    Yay for girlfriends who love shoes!!

    This is husband and my scene at an outlet shoe store:
    Me: I need these pumps but I loooove these flats. They’re both on sale but I don’t need two new pairs of shoes.
    Husband: Are they comfy?
    Me: Well…I need these pumps but these flats are soooo comfy.
    Husband: Get them get them get them! *wanders to the men’s section*
    2 minutes later…
    Husband: I like these but if they had another shade that would be perfect.

  2. Emilia said

    You know what I would have said. 😉

  3. Random said

    This is why math is important.

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