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Not Embarrassed

Posted by parsingtime on July 9, 2009

I like Harry Potter and I’m not terribly embarrassed by the fact that I enjoy books made for the Tween set.   Husband does not like Harry Potter so when the last movie came out I went and saw it in a cineplex in India by myself. I ate my chaat, caramel popcorn and enjoyed the movie, especially after I figured out that I hadn’t inadvertently gone in to the dubbed in Hindi movie.

I went out to dinner with a bunch of girls last night and since I know Husband doesn’t want to go see the movie with me (he will go see the movie with me because he is nice like that) I asked if anyone at dinner liked Harry Potter. I was met with dead silence. 

And then one of the girls asked if I was embarrassed for having asked if anyone liked it, since clearly no one did.  I said no and then my friend jumped in and said in a Boston accent that, “you guys may not know this but Parsing is wicked smart.”  The wicked smart part was actually the only part in a Boston accent.  Poor girl felt she had to defend my intelligence based on my love of Harry Potter.

Why is it if I wanted to I could find ten girls to go see He Just Not that Into You or The Proposal  and not one for HP?

It makes me miss Random who is always up for a traipse around New Delhi to find the last book in the series on the day of its worldwide release.


4 Responses to “Not Embarrassed”

  1. Krys said

    Already bought my tickets to see HP7 and I’m 48-1/2, am currently rereading HP1 for the umpteenth time! AND we listen to them on CDs!
    I’m not embarrassed either!!!

  2. Carol and Tiem said

    I agree. There’s a drastic difference between regurgitated story lines of chick flicks and HP…with HP having much more substance and variety…and continuation. Wow, if someone asked me if I was embarassed for asking them, I would ask if they were embarassed for having loved all 100 of chick flicks that basically end exactly as you would expect.

  3. Random said

    Parsing & Random’s tour of India: Red Fort – Reading Harry Potter – Humayun’s Tomb – Reading Harry Potter – Taj Mahal – Reading Harry Potter… Ah, memories.

  4. Emilia said

    Well… it says more about them than it does about you! The smartest people I know all loved Harry Potter!

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