More Annoyed than Amused

Good Golly

Posted by parsingtime on July 3, 2009

Husband, look over there. Right behind me. Is that guy in the gray shirt with all the jewelry famous?


That guy back there. No, don’t stare. I think he is someone famous. I just can’t place him.

He isn’t famous.

He is famous.  No normal person wears that much jewelry.

Maybe it is Stevie Wonder?

<Stares> Uh, I think we would recognize Stevie Wonder.

Oh, yeah. I suppose so.

So I think the guy we saw at the airport was Little Richard. Actually Husband figured it out and he doesn’t recognize “celebrities” so it is extra impressive. Actually we were at dinner once and he recognized the CEO of P&G.  That would never happen to me.

I tried googling some images of Little Richard and I think it is him. He wasn’t wearing makeup at the airport so it is hard to tell. 

We are back from Mexico and very tan.


One Response to “Good Golly”

  1. Hanah said

    I think Little Richard always wears makeup, no?

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