More Annoyed than Amused

Youtube Interview

Posted by parsingtime on June 24, 2009

These were the instructions for a job I looked at.

Please email your (1) resume, (2) cover letter and (3) salary requirements to the address listed, in this posting. Please attach a (4) link to a video posted on (or any other video hosting site) in which you answer the question — “Why would you be good at this job?” Please provide an (5) email address and (6) your availability during the next two weeks for an interview Any application submitted without these six elements will not be considered. ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE CALLS.

Youtube! You want me to post a video to Youtube? Is this like a pre-interview trick? Do they want to see if you wear a suit or if you have a huge hairy mole on your face? Do they want to limit the number of applicants?  I mean if you want to work at google then maybe using youtube makes sense but a law firm?

Perhaps this is the future of the hiring process and these guys are taking the initiative. It still seems tres bizarre to me.


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