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Car Talk

Posted by parsingtime on June 17, 2009

I’m one of those crazy people who when their gas tank gets down to a fourth full has to fill it up. Husband makes fun of me for this, especially since there was a 60 Minutes special on crazy Americans who obsess over how much gas they have.  Cars here are configured so that the light comes on even when you have several gallons left. In Europe it is configured to come on when you are on empty.

Anyway, yesterday I thought about getting gas but decided I would just let Husband do it when he got back from his business trip. Because if there is one thing that I hate more than spiders and milk it is pumping gas.

So I went merrily on my way to lunch with a friend and then to the grocery store.  After finishing up my errands I got in my car started, started backing out of the spot and the whole car turned off. Did you know the brakes still work when the car turns off by itself? No. Well it does. 

I restarted the car. It shut off again. I shut of the A/C and radio and managed to coast along to the closest gas station while breaking several driving rules. My car got me home fine after I pumped in almost 10 full gallons (that is the size of my tank). But now I’m nervous. So I told Husband that I needed to get an oil change because while I haven’t driven 3000 miles it has been more than three months.

Husband I’m going to go today and get an oil change.

Just wait til the weekend and I’ll do it for you.

I told you I needed an oil change a month ago and you said you would do it then and you never did.

I’ll do it this weekend.

Fine you better do it this weekend. And it isn’t my job to remind and if you forget I’m going  to assume you don’t love me or care about my safety and stop loving you. FOREVER. (Hello Drama Queen!)

Oh, come on…you have to remind me. I’ll never remember.

Only someone who doesn’t love me or care about my safety would forget.

It is now down in writing. Will he remember? Stay tuned.


One Response to “Car Talk”

  1. tiembo said

    once you shut the engine off, the brakes do indeed still work normally – for one or two pumps. after that it’s super hard to brake. be careful out there!

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