More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on May 27, 2009

So the North Carolina lottery is up to $222 million tonight and since the Hog bought lottery tickets, we had to buy lottery tickets even though there is only a gazillion to one chance we will win.  We are not going to win people but in case we do….

So what if we won the lottery but in order to collect the money we had to get a divorce and could never be married again and you have to give up your engagement and wedding rings.

I don’t know. Did we win the entire $222 million?

Yes. Let me change the scenario we are divorced and we can’t live with each other.

My answer would be no then I would just give up the money.

Well what if we could live together?

Then I think I would say okay to the divorce.

 Of course you would. It’s $222 MILLION dollars.  Who cares if we are married or not.

We’ll be life partners, like gay people.

Except we had a choice to be married or not.

Except we had a choice. <Sigh, shakes head>


One Response to “Lottery”

  1. Emilia said

    So… does the divorce happen before or after the money, ’cause things could get tricky…
    And more importantly, I expect that, should you come into $222 million, your first purchase will be that island we’ve always talked about. I could really use a vacation.

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