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People in the News

Posted by parsingtime on May 18, 2009

People in the news that we actually know!

A guy from this article is a section mate of Husband’s from B-school.  He used to go the gym at the same time as me and would either wear short cut off jeans or swim trunks. And yet despite gym clothing faux pas, he is in the Economist. The Economist! One of my life goals is to one day have one of my comments published in the Economist.

A guy from this article is a friend from Dallas and his wife used to be in my book club in Boston.

This guy is a friend’s brother here in Carolina. I think it is awesome to be in politics and have a last name like Rouser.

And this guy was Husband’s best man and took us to super secret awesome sushi in SF.  Look at him…he is three spots away from JJ Abrams in terms of creativity. Three spots! I just saw Star Trek this weekend and JJ is pretty darn good. But the guy ahead of him from Facebook? Come on. It is totally awesome that Stephen beat Ev Williams.  I mean that guy is everywhere with Twitter these days. Stephen should have been on Oprah. He was robbed!


One Response to “People in the News”

  1. Random said

    Whoa, I had not idea Stephen was such a bad-ass. I love Street View – go Chau!

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