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Posted by parsingtime on May 18, 2009

We went to a NASCAR race this weekend.  When in Rome and all that…if Rome was in Redneck Country.   Did you know that when you go to a NASCAR event you can take your own small cooler into the track? I did not know this. You can fit 15 beers into one small cooler. I did not know this either.  There are people capable of drinking 15 beers in a couple of hours. I also did not know this. Seriously, I’m not that thirsty even if they are serving my favorite drink (which right now is still fresh squeezed grapefruit juice).

We headed out in the morning and tailgated for several hours before heading out to the race. I was corrected several times for calling it a “game.” It is not a game people, it is a race and people take it seriously so you better take it seriously.

This is a photo of the only three Asians at the race. Out of 150,000 people.

Tailgating at NASCAR









We are wearing our NASCAR gear from Wal-Mart and yes the goal is to be as tacky as possible. Unfortunately, I forgot to wear my awesome Dale, Jr. Mountain Dew hat.  Dale, Jr is a god in the racing world in case you didn’t know.

Fun times were had by all.













No, really it was a lot of fun. Once the people sitting around us realized that we were racing novices  and not terrorists they were happy to explain all the drama and strategy.  And we got to see a crash, which was pretty awesome.


3 Responses to “NASCAR”

  1. tiembo said


  2. Hannah said

    I am playing around on my phone to keep myself occupied while the little monster sleeps in my lap and it occurred to me that I haven’t read your blog in ages. Two comments:

    1. You look surprisingly normal in NASCAR gear, but it seems so out of place on your husband.

    2. Are you pregnant? I ask because the only time in my life I ever liked grapefruit was when I was pregnant. And also because a blog post about NASCAR would be a totally appropriate place to mak such an announcement.

  3. Not pregnant, just like grapefruit!

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