More Annoyed than Amused

Other Girlfriend

Posted by parsingtime on May 2, 2009

We often have music playing during the day. I listen to Pandora a lot and if Husband and I are both home we will turn on the iPod or one of the cable music stations. Last night some Christina Aguilera song came on.

You used to really love Christina Aguilera.

I have NEVER loved Christina Aguilera.

Really I thought you loved her music.

I don’t have anything of hers on my iPod. I can’t stand her.

Huh. Weird. I could have sworn…

It must have been one of your OTHER girlfriends who liked her.

I guess. Probably <as he frowns trying to think of this elusive girlfriend which of course he won’t tell me about because he loves to frustrate me by giving me no information about his old girlfriends  – uh hello, not jealous of high school girlfriends just curious about the girl V calls Horseface).

How is it that I know practically everything there is to know about this man and he can’t remember that I don’t like singers who cater to teeny boppers?


4 Responses to “Other Girlfriend”

  1. Husband said

    PUBLIC NOTICE FROM HUSBAND: Note that all stories in the conversations section are only those conversations in which Husband seems to be screwing up. What is the probability of that actually being the case? This is a biased writer and I encourage you to boycott this blog as I am doing. — Husband

  2. Emilia said

    Sounds like Husband needs a blog of his own so we can hear the other kinds of conversations.
    You may not have ever liked Christina Aguilera, but I do distinctly remember a Shakira phase…

  3. Shakira is completely acceptable especially since I listen to a lot of other Spanish music as well!

  4. Emilia said

    So teeny bopper music is ok if it’s not in English? 🙂
    You’ll never convince me that someone isn’t standing on her windpipe when she’s singing. Or maybe her pants are too tight.

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