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A Big Messy Scribble of Stuff

Posted by parsingtime on April 2, 2009

I keep getting junk emails from Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub.  I think I preferred the enhance your penis emails over the Antichrist ones.

I’m not friends with anybody who smokes regularly. Do you suppose that people who would smoke are just not my type of people or is it because they smoke that I don’t like them? Husband thinks that it is because most people in our socio-economic level don’t smoke and that’s why we don’t have any smoker friends.

After almost four years of having a big messy scribble as my signature Husband has told me it is time I just learn how to sign my name with my new last name. So the scribble is no longer allowed. It isn’t my fault that I don’t like the first letter of my new first last name.  Honestly, the new signature I’ve come up with is first name initial, last name initial and a scribble after that.  It’s ugly but it’s not my fault that I had 20  odd years of signing my name Parsing Minutes and now am a Parsing Time.  It might take 20 odd years to get used to being Parsingtime.

Our renewal notice came in for apartment and our rent went up significantly.  We are looking around at the other complexes available that are closer to work and closer to where most of our friends live.  The advent of the internet really has made this a difficult process because you can read everyone’s reviews and every time I see “tons of roaches” in the review I just cross the complex off the list. We don’t have roaches here and I’m willing to pay the increased rent just to avoid potential roaches in a new location. The thought of packing up and moving (having moved in August 2005, August 2006, June 2008, potentially June 2009 and definitely June 2010 if not before ) doesn’t thrill me either, though it would be nice to live a bit closer to uptown.

My birthday gift to Husband was ruined…I told him I had bought it and not get all nosy checking my section of the credit card bill but he just can’t help himself and his obsessive compulsive financial tendencies.  So he is looking at it and says, “We have a bill from X.  Ha, funny because I know you would never buy me an X for my birthday.”  Uh, well I did buy X and since I could return it within 15 days I gave it to him early.  He liked it or at least he faked liking it and then admitted he already knew what I was buying.  All because he can’t help himself even when I tell him to mind his own business.  Well that’s fine. He missed out on the whole nine yards I had planned for his birthday. I give up.  This year really was a bust when it came to birthday gifts.

We have also recently started watching American Idol. Husband watches because Anoop is a contestant and he is determined to support the brown people. I watch because almost everyone we know here watches and are even in American Idol betting pools, so if I want to be able to contribute to the conversation I have to watch.  The problem is that I like to fast forward through pretty much the whole show (I only need to listen to about 15 seconds of singing and the Simon Cowell review and I’m done) but Husband actually likes to see the whole thing.  This is when I pull out my computer and start playing Bejeweled because I’m sure playing bejeweled kills less brain cells than American Idol.


One Response to “A Big Messy Scribble of Stuff”

  1. Neha said

    Around here, a lot of people are “fighting” the increase in rent. Tenants are saying they can’t afford the increase because of the economy and landlords are actually agreeing to either not increasing the price or increasing it just slightly. You should try that!

    I feel your pain about the gifts…I can NEVER surprise Jeff with anything. A few times I got him something I knew he would love and would come home all excited (this is before we were living together) and then honest to god, I would talk to him on the phone later that night and he would be like “oh guess what I just ordered today” and it would be the gift that I got him at a cheaper price. This happened at least 2 times and maybe even 3 so since then I’m done with surprising him haha.

    Its so funny how many people have started watching AI because of Anoop lol. If all the brown people vote, he might make it through, LOL!

    Sorry, this is a really long comment haha.

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