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Parental Guidance

Posted by parsingtime on March 28, 2009

First off, Husband and I went and saw Watchmen today.  A movie that I thought was OK but Husband liked. It was a really awkward movie watching experience however, because there was a 6 or 7 year old boy there with his parents.  There is a pretty intense sex scene in the movie and an almost rape as well as a ton of violence. I wouldn’t have taken at 12 year old to this movie.  Both Husband and I were disturbed that these parents would take there kid to a movie like this. I mean I know a babysitter is expensive and everything but seriously, just wait for the movie to come out on DVD. Also the movie was almost three hours long. No 6-7 year old has patience for a movie that long.

Second this was the conversation we had after receiving a birth announcement from the Maridull Bliss team.

How come people always put the length of the baby? Why do people care about the babies height.

I don’t know, it is just standard. Name, height, weight…those are the things people want to know.

I bet we have small babies.


Because we are Indian. Indian people have small babies. I weighed 6lbs. How much did you weigh?

I don’t know, I think 5lbs or something.  I hope we have a big baby though.


So I have less weight to lose.

I can’t believe you said that.  You’re crazy. You should post this to Parsingtime.

And lastly, the CIA Twins are engaged! Husband and I are beyond thrilled that two people we love are getting married! And even better they will be back from Sydney in a few months. Woo!


One Response to “Parental Guidance”

  1. Emilia said

    I bet you change your mind on that big baby thing once you are 9 months pregnant and looking at labor… ouch.

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