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I Hate Wind Chimes

Posted by parsingtime on March 9, 2009

Dear Apartment Complex Owner People,

I think you need to change the apartment rules. If you own a pet, you must pick up after it. Most people find dodging dog crap while carrying multiple bags of groceries annoying. Especially when the dog went on the path and not on the grass.

Rule two: People should not be allowed to have wind chimes. Oh I realize they are allowed to anything within reason to their balconies but if they are allowed to have wind chimes that disturb my sleep every freaking night? Then I’m allowed to take cymbals and play them on my balcony for two hours every evening from 11pm to 1am. It’s only fair.

I’m an excellent Cymbal player by the way.




5 Responses to “I Hate Wind Chimes”

  1. Emilia said

    Wind chimes should be banned in all apartment complexes. I don’t know why they aren’t!
    I have considered using windchimes as punishment for loud neighbors, but they would also bother me and the neighbors wouldn’t know why they were there. The herd of elephants that lives above me is getting rowdier and their cigarette butts (that they fling off the balcony) end up on my porch when it rains. Not that it has rained recently. One of these nights they’ll probably start a fire because it’s so dry!

  2. Random said

    You are an excellent cymbal player. If they like wind chimes, they might enjoy your playing – go for it!

  3. […] by parsingtime on September 24, 2009 The people with the wind chimes have moved in downstairs. They brought their wind chimes. And it just so happens that the wife in […]

  4. he he did you know that wind chimes are the NO 1 hated garden accessory in the UK Jan 2010

  5. Do you ever notice they never put the said wind chimes outside their bedroom, no no they put them outside your bedroom.

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