More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on February 23, 2009

Let me preface this post with this statement: Husband likes to scheme. He likes to buy lots of something that everyone wants and then price gouges them on eBay. I hate Husbands schemes.  I’ve written about how I don’t like Husband’s schemes before.   Husband likes to think he is opportunistic and often asks me why I don’t like making money when I tell him how much I dislike his schemes.  We just disagree on this point.

And with that on to today’s post. Remember how Husband had a surprise for me?  And how I hate surprises?  Well while out a couple of weeks ago  Husband could not contain himself a moment longer and had to tell me my surprise. It wasn’t a valentines day surprise but a birthday surprise…just given to me a little early.

So we are at dinner and he tells me he has gotten me a Kindle.  My face sort of dropped. He told me his reasoning….he does in fact know that I like to own my books but since I never can fit enough books in my luggage when we go on vacation or I travel he thought this was a great idea.  And it was. It was very thoughtful.  He is a well meaning, good Husband.

I pointed out that a Kindle went over the agreed upon birthday budget….and that’s when Husband told me not to worry because he had actually bought 5 Kindles and was planning to sell the other four on eBay for a profit so my Kindle would come in under the birthday budget.   And that’s when I said, Huuuusss…baaaaannd (if you know Husband’s real name you can understand how that would work). And he knew I wasn’t happy. 

First off, I have a hard time accepting expensive gifts (don’t ask me why, I just do — though I’m happy to buy expensive things for other people). Second, I like to own my books. And while I would “own” them so to speak on the Kindle, I wouldn’t have a hard copy. I’m that weird person who will randomly pick up a book I’ve already read (ten times)  and read a few chapters for no apparent reason other than I like to.  Third, a scheme!

I realize that I seem really ungrateful. And maybe once it gets here I’ll think it is really cool and he will be the best Husband  in the world.  It arrives this week so we shall see. I’ve been reading a lot of articles about how great the Kindle is and how much bibliophiles love it.  It’s going to be hard to get past the scheme, but I’m willing to give it a fair shot. 

When Husband came home from a business trip a few months ago with a new Longhorn key ring for me, I was beyond thrilled. It was so thoughtful…he noticed that my key ring was broken and the keys were falling off the loop and bought something I needed but a much nicer version than I would have bought myself.

I feel bad for him I really do…he wanted to do something nice for me and I’m the crazy female who prefers a key chain to a Kindle.

Honestly, we are both a bit to blame here (you know if I can just spread a bit of blame for my own damn ungratefulness). I need to get over Husband’s schemes they are a part of who he is,  he really enjoys them and they don’t hurt anyone.   And when I say that I really want an iTunes gift card or a new water bottle for the gym or a gift card to a nice hair salon because I hate my haircut but I only got it cut a few weeks ago and can’t really justify another haircut because of my Depression Era-like frugal nature…well, he should really listen.


2 Responses to “Surprise”

  1. Neha said

    HAHAH, what is it with guys and these kinds of schemes!? Jeff does things like this too! Or if there’s like a really good deal on something he’s always like “I’m just going to buy 4 of them and then sell them for a crazy amount of money”…why is that even necessary?! Please post what you think about Kindle. I’m the same way as you are and I love my collection of books (I just bought like 5 books today) but that’s an interesting product 🙂

  2. t said
    i got carol a very nice chef’s knife for her birthday. she was equally impressed that i biked through the ghetto to get it.
    someday us husbands will get it right!

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