More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on February 9, 2009

Back from my quick trip to California, well almost back, I’m waiting at the airport for my connection, after getting kicked out of the Continental Presidential lounge….seemingly I could only stay in the lounge if my mom stayed with me. I clearly look like riff raff. I’m annoyed especially since I wasn’t going to drink any of the free liquor.  The lady actually escorted me, I was not impressed.  I did steal a packet of crackers and nutella before I left, so take that annoying Continental Nazi.

Anyway, the parentals are in the process of buying a second home in California.  And since we (my dad and I) somehow convinced my mom to go for an awesome vacation home instead of just finding a place for my dad to live during the week we decided on a place that is great.  It’s in downtown, a block from a river, you can walk to restaurants, wine bars, bookstores, boutiques etc, it’s pretty close to wine country but still close enough to SF to be able to do stuff there and it is brand new so the developer is a bit desperate to sell.  All in all a good combination.   And the best part is it is three bedrooms and three bathrooms so it is a bit like hotel living (i.e. you don’t have to share a bathroom with anyone else staying over). 

It also made me realize that I’m ready to buy a place.  Ready in my mind even if we aren’t ready in actuality (still one more move in our horizon).  Of course, it is much easier to shop for homes with my parents since they have a better budget.

I also realized that once again another city has better food than Charlotte.

So back to Charlotte today and on to vegetarian living.  Any bets on how long we last? I’m guessing I’ll be able to last longer than Husband.


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