More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on February 4, 2009

The tanking economy has  definitely changed how people and companies deal with things day to day. I no longer buy a million books and instead put holds on the library. Hyundai is advertising how you can give your car back to them if you lose your job. Target is advertising the Pay Less part of their Expect More Pay Less promise by putting the price of items in their commercials.

But the real way you know the economy is tanking is when regular companies take ideas from infomercials, repackage it and get a celebrity spokesmodel to promote it. 

You all have seen the commercial for the Ped Egg right?

In case you haven’t it is all over TV as a way to get rid of calluses on your feet and not have all the dead skin fly all over your house. It is all neatly contained in the egg.  It is also completely gross to see the people in the commercial throwing away their dead skin.   I’ve been seeing this infomercial for at least six months now. And then this morning while I was running on the treadmill I saw a Revlon commercial with Elle Macphearson advertising the Revlon Pedi-Expert kit.

 Revlon Pedi-EXPERT™

Looks like a pink ped egg that comes with a nail clipper and file, if you ask me.  The ad basically was saying that  in this economy you can’t go get your regular pedicures and here is a an inexpensive yet luxurious way to still have beautiful feet.  Elle Macpherson does it and so should you.

The Ped Egg people must be so ticked off.  Ped Egg verses Pedi-Expert. There is going to be a smackdown.


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