More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on January 26, 2009

I’m always impressed when I see people doing something they are really passionate about. Whenever Husband and I talk about my job future I always tell him that I’m not really passionate about anything (so far) and I want to be really excited about going to work.  I don’t have to be excited everyday just excited that what I’m doing means something to me.

I have two friends who live in Chicago who have turned something that was a hobby into a lucrative business. Carol & Tiem both have “real” jobs. Carol is in grad school and Tiem does something techie (sorry Tiem, I couldn’t tell you your job title if my life depended on it) but they both love photography and they turned a passion into a something get paid to do. Tiem and Carol have started 847media and recently took a friends engagement photos and I was jealous because I paid a ridiculous amount for photographers at my wedding and they sucked.  Our friends engagement photos looked better than our wedding photos.  Seriously, whenever I hear people are getting married in Houston I email them to tell them not to use these photographers. They were that bad.

So if you are in Chicago and want someone to photograph your wedding, your new baby,  high school grad   or anything I definitely recommend you give these guys a call. They do some really amazing work….probably because they really love what they do.

Now if only I can get some of that passion to rub off on me!


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