More Annoyed than Amused

Update on Lucius

Posted by parsingtime on December 5, 2008

Remember how I wrote about Lucius a few weeks ago?

He is the GC of one of the companies I work for.  In an enlightening conversation with someone else very high up in the organization I discovered that I’m not the moronic douche-bag he has been making me feel like for the last six months.  In fact he is the spineless moronic douche-bag.

Seemingly he likes to surround himself with people less intelligent than himself so that he looks smarter. He likes to “celebrate mediocrity.”  I don’t fit the bill and that, according to my source, is one of the reasons he has been so unhappy with my work as of late.

Quite frankly, I’d rather lose him as a client than continue to let him make me feel like I was a f*cking idiot.

It isn’t a pleasant feeling I promise.


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