More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on December 3, 2008

Disclaimer: I don’t know very many married people and so I don’t know if Husband and I have a normal relationship. I’m sure to many of you we seem weird but I swear we aren’t. We feel happy, well adjusted and normal despite the following occurrence.

Smell here (points to the area between the nose and lips)

I’m not going to smell you. And if I do I’m going to blog it.

Just smell.

(giggling ) I’m not smelling.

Just smell.

(smells — this is awkward because my nose has to get up under his nose) It smells fine.

No, smell again.

I’m not smelling again.

Well smell the dish towel. Just smell it.

Well don’t rub it on my face and I’ll smell it.  (smells) It smells fine. (dishtowel then gets rubbed on my face). HUSBAND

It smells like sweaty balls. And my face now smells like sweaty balls.

What!? I just put a new towel out today, it doesn’t smell weird.

It smells like sweaty balls.

How would you know what sweaty balls smell like anyway?  And who asked you and your weird family to always wipe their faces on the dishtowels after every meal.

Sweaty Balls!

(I proceed to snatch the dishtowel and chase husband who goes and hides from his sweaty ball smelling dishtowel carrying wife in the bedroom )  Like I said I’m sure we seem weird but really we feel normal so long as normal means chasing, wrestling and making the other person say uncle.

Also, I’ll take this over someone going to bed early any day. That’s how desperate I am.

And now I know the new lavender vanilla Bounce sheets actually smell like sweaty balls according to Husband’s questionable olfactory senses.


2 Responses to “Dishtowels”

  1. Emilia said

    Horror! My grandmother would smite us from the grave if we rubbed dishtowels on our faces! In her kitchen (which carried over to my mother’s kitchen and now my own…) dishtowels are for dishes. Not countertops or tables or stovetops or floors. And Lord have mercy, not faces. That’s what bath towels are for. Unless you are washing your hands because they got something on them while cooking, there’s no handwashing in the kitchen sink, either (although I don’t strictly stick to that one). Horrors. Husband might not recover from the wrath of Neena.
    I don’t use Bounce because they make me itchy, but I’ll make note of the true smell of lavender vanilla in case I ever need to use them.

  2. Emilia said

    Just to clarify, bath towels are for faces and hands… dishtowels are for countertops, etc… just not the ones currently employed to wash or dry the dishes. Yes. It is confusing. 😉

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