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Posted by parsingtime on December 1, 2008

We are going to Hawaii for ten days.  I want to stay home and buy 40lb bags of rice and prepare for the economic apocalypse but Husband is forcing me to go. In our defense of our conspicuous consumer consumption we did get our flights, hotels and car rental using miles and points. And my parents gifted us money for Christmas so that we (and by we I mean Me) don’t have to feel bad about booking that helicopter trip everyone says is so awesome.  Nevertheless, I still feel anxious about the economy (I probably need to stop reading those doomsday news articles and blogs) and of course our friends the CIA Twins may never talk to us again because we are not heading to New Zealand for an RV tour of middle earth with them. B&B? Blame Husband, he booked the trip to Hawaii and is forcing me to go with him.

We spent a lovely evening on Saturday at the engagement party of Husband’s high school friend, who then became a college friend of mine. Two of Husband’s high school friends are newly engaged, both to really nice women, so it was great to hang out and see everyone. I especially love seeing people newly in love (yes they’ve all been dating for a while but they are newly engaged so it counts as newly engaged love).

This past Thanksgiving week we discovered that I am the only person in my immediate family that has not smoked pot.  I was telling this story about Husband and a strip club (he was completely mortified) until my mom busted out her own Thailand strip club (good grief I did not know some of those things were possible) experience which made Husband’s experience look like a Girls Gone Wild flashing DVD.  My Dad then adds that my mom accidentally smoked some pot on this same trip to Thailand at which point my sister busts out with her one time New Zealand pot smoking experience (she said it burned her lungs and she was done, in case you think I live with a bunch of druggies). Everyone then looked at me, the only person in the room who had never tried pot and well, I felt like an outcast. My family likes to make fun of me for being the one with a stick up her ass.  This is my family. And reading this one vignette about my family should explain why Husband’s family feels like a completely foreign entity to me. The strip club story could never happened at Casa Visnawathan.

Husband three days ago admitted that in high school he had to take a friend to one of those all night emergency clinics to get his stomach pumped from drinking too much alcohol. This was an incident that took place over ten years ago and Husband’s parents are only now learning about it.  I think they were pretty surprised to say the least. If one of my friends had to have his stomach pumped I would have totally told the story to both my parents the next day.

I have one last piece of news but I think I’ll give it it’s own entry.


2 Responses to “Things Worth Mentioning”

  1. Random said

    I’ve actually heard the Thailand strip club story before. That’s a good one.

  2. […] lastly, the CIA Twins are engaged! Husband and I are beyond thrilled that two people we love are getting married! And […]

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