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Swing State

Posted by parsingtime on November 6, 2008

When we moved to North Carolina I thought it was cool that we were going to be living in a swing state. My previous votes have occurred in Texas and Massachusetts which respectively go red and blue every time.  At the time I had no idea that every single advertisement I saw on TV from September onward would be a political one and that my mail box would be inundated with political propaganda.

I watched all the debates and looked up my local candidates, one of whom lost by 384 votes, and voted for the people that I thought would best help the country and the state. I don’t look at one issue and make my decision that way.  I’m for homosexuals right to marry but I voted from some people who don’t believe that. I believe that women have the right to choose what they do with their own bodies, and not just women.  I really believe that if you are suffering from an awful illness and want to choose to end your life that should be your decision but I voted for some people who would argue against those things with the last breath in their body.  My point is with all our country is going through that voting based on one issue (or the candidate’s skin color for that matter) is something I find hard to understand. 

When we moved to North Carolina I had no idea that I wouldn’t know which presidential candidate had won my state until two days later. 

And with that I’m done talking about politics for a little while.


One Response to “Swing State”

  1. Kelly said

    I with you on alot of that, except when a woman doing what she wants with her body involves what that video you sent me showed. At that point someone else’s life is involved. I think there’s room for argument at certain stages. But when you’re talking about ripping apart a baby that doctors would have done everything to save had it been born premature, I just can’t stomach it.

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