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End of an Error

Posted by parsingtime on November 3, 2008

I love election night.  My first over 18 election was the 2000 election. I spent the evening chauffeuring Alan Sager, one of my professors and former Travis County GOP chairman, around to various election night parties.  It was amazing. I was allowed into private Bush parties that I would have never been allowed within a 100 yards of in normal circumstances.  It was an exciting evening for me and not just because I was making $20 an hour which at twenty was way more money than I had made before.

I got home at 4am after we all figured out that this election was too close to call. I sat up til 6am watching the news coverage thinking that somehow I would figure out who was to be the next President.  It was not to be.  Interestingly, my first post school job was working for one of GWB’s lawyers in the whole Florida debacle.

I love election night during presidential years even when it is personally disappointing, which let’s be honest, it has been for the last 8 years. I can honestly say that tomorrow night even if my candidate doesn’t win I will be exceedingly happy because the man who has been leading my state and then country since I was 14 years old will be finished.  A lame duck who hopefully will not do anything detrimental in his last two and half months as President. 

Perhaps in time I will have benevolent warming feelings toward him, anything is possible right? But right now I’m just so ready for him to be gone.

In sad news, I will have to watch the election results by myself since Husband is out of town. He suggested that I DVR the returns and avoid the news for two days so we can watch it together on Thursday. I said no.


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