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At Least I Don’t Love Cocaine

Posted by parsingtime on October 23, 2008

I like to obsess over food*. When I find something I like, I eat it ALL. THE. TIME. until I’m sick of it.  So far my oatmeal obsession is still around, but before I was on my oatmeal kick I was eating Puffins Cereal. I ate it for months, took it on the plane in a baggie as a snack, told everyone I could how wonderful Puffins were and now I don’t touch the stuff. 

Right now, I’m also eating Pav Bhaji all the time. It can be best described at the Indian version of a sloppy joe. It is super healthy for (all vegetables, spices and a can of crushed tomatoes – recipe if you would like it) especially the way I make it (Husband won’t eat his mother’s version and will eat mine so that is saying something!)….though the authentic original Mumbai Street food version uses a stick of butter or something ridiculous and then puts more on top.  I must really love it since it involves a lot of chopping/steaming and two pots and I’ve been making a huge batch every week for lunch.   I also have an obsession with clementines but you can’t get them year round which probably keeps me from overdosing on them. Though truth be told they only started appearing in my grocery store about three weeks ago and I’ve already eaten approximately $50 worth of mini oranges with no real nutritional value except keeping away the scurvy.

There is something wrong with me. And this is why I don’t drink frequently or do drugs because addiction could easily be switched out for obsession.

I like eating the same thing over and over. The three food things I unnatuaraly love are pretty healthy for me.  I like lots of other things though, things I could eat all the time except I don’t buy them or keep them at home. Like ice cream, cake, cookies etc.

All the above is to provide some background as to why I threw away an entire tub of Breyers ice cream that Husband lovingly bought for me. It was a new flavor that he knew I would like. And I like it. A lot. So much so I’m able to convince myself with all those law school taught negotiation skills that eating a small bowl of ice cream at 3:00pm in the afternoon is fine because I’m not eating six clementines.  And then I feel sick and guilty about how many more crunches the evil gym Nazi’s would make me do if they knew. So I threw it away.

And then I put some sweet potato peels in the container so I wouldn’t pull a Miranda.

*I thought you all might be tired of all my political posts and given how deep we are into election season this is the only story I have for you.


3 Responses to “At Least I Don’t Love Cocaine”

  1. Kelly said

    I think your ok as long as you don’t form an obsession with doughnuts or bacon or something like that. I guess prunes or beans could be problematic as well. It will be interesting to see what your cravings are like when you get pregnant. Could be pretty crazy.
    Can’t wait to see you in November.

  2. JefesGirl said

    Mmm pav bhaji, I love it too! I don’t make it with the stick of butter either, but I love the way I make it! 🙂 Maybe we should swap recipes!

  3. […] It seemed like a bait and switch and I’m not into that. I don’t obsess over food (except for eating the same things over and over) or count calories, eat a good amount of dessert and recognize that if I did really want the scale […]

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