More Annoyed than Amused

I Disagree

Posted by parsingtime on October 18, 2008

When I live blogged the Palin/Biden debate I mentioned that I was for gay marriage. Something that neither the Democrats or Republicans support.   Please excuse the gross generalizations that might follow, I know not all Republicans or Democrats can be grouped together.

I’m bothered by the fact that the Democrats don’t support Gay Marriage.  It is a civil rights issue. You may believe that homosexuals are going to burn in hell for their proclivities.  Your God may be telling that to you through the bible or the Koran or perhaps you just find the idea of it gross. Maybe, like the Democrats you know to support such a thing will lose you votes.  But do you really have the right to impose your beliefs religious or otherwise on someone else? 

Do you really believe that someone would choose to be gay if they had a choice?  You’re attracted to who you are attracted to. I’m attracted to men with thighs that are thinner than mine, it’s unfortunate but it can’t be helped. 

It seems to me that giving homosexuals the right to civil unions but not marriage is similar to saying “hey, if you’re black you can still ride the bus but sit at the back, okay?”   

The arguments against Gay marriage are usually:

  1. Marriage is between one man and one woman – who defined marriage in the first place? And if it was some sort of religious entity then the right of freedom of religion in the US also implies that you have the right to be free from religion if you so choose.
  2. It is not a good environment in which to raise kids – we allow murderers and child molestors to procreate without a blink of an eye.  Surely Parental love and commitment to kids means more than the sex of the couple.
  3. Marriage is for procreation – so given that my mom is now post-menopausal should she and my dad separate because they can no longer procreate?  The world is way above its carrying capacity anyway so I don’t think this matters.
  4. Gay Relationships are immoral – by whose definition?

I realize that I’ve simplified the issue and there are a lot of arguments on the other side. You are welcome tear apart this blog post though I don’t plan on defending myself because I really believe that gay people should have the right to marry. Just like some people really believe Obama is a Muslim or that Cindy McCain is a drug addict.

My point is: Democratic Party, you need a grow a pair and do the right thing.


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