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Music Part II

Posted by parsingtime on October 13, 2008

Part Two. Part One is here.

  • More Today Than Yesterday Spiral Staircase – when I was younger and had never been in love I always thought this song was just the best way to express how that love would be (clearly I was naive when I was younger). I must have mentioned it to Random on one of our many trips between Austin and Houston because when I got engaged she framed a photo of Husband and I with a quote from the song below. She’s thoughtful like that. Similarly, I played The Turtles Happy Together and The Beach Boys Wouldn’t It Be Nice at our wedding because the music of the sixties is so idealistic and when can you really be idealistic if not at your wedding? 
  • Jealous Guy John Lennon – (BTW, Elliot Smith does a great cover of this song). I relate to songs that tell a story that lets me guess what happened. I have a strong imagination and this song makes me think of a million different scenarios. My Dad has the John Lennon box set and I’ve spent many hours at home with him with these CDs playing.
  • Again Lenny Kravitz – song playing when I told Husband I loved him for the first time (I know control the gagging at least Celine Dion wasn’t playing). We were at my house laying on the couch with my parents asleep and it just happened. He might have been a bit peeved that I said it quite a while after he told me probably because I’ve always been obsessed with not being that girl. The one who thinks they love everyone they’ve ever dated.
  • It Wasn’t Me Shaggy – I absolutely always think of StephenC when I hear this song. While in SF many years ago I heard him sing this song (we were in his jeep which btw I have driven and and witnessed JeffL throw up out of while we were on the highway at 4am) and he has an excellent singing voice. It makes me smile every time.
  • Corozon Espinado Mana – Random took me to a Mana concert when I didn’t know who they were and they started playing this song which is an absolute favorite of mine and I looked at her and said, what a great song to do a cover of and she was like this is their song, Santana just wrote it. I now own several Mana albums all because Random dragged me to a concert. Speaking of Mana, when we were in Argentina one of the restaurants was playing a Mana album and I told the waitress how much I liked Mana and she basically told me  they play it for the lame tourists. I was berated for having bad taste in music in Spanish.
  • Crazy Game of Poker O.A.R – this song played at the bar on our first really fun night out in Charlotte.  We met a lot of new people, stayed out way too late and when this played everyone in the bar started singing. I’ve been listening to a lot of their music lately, it’s good.
  • Break Up Songs Too Many Songs to List – it’s sort of unfortunate that I’ve only dated and broke up with only one person that I’ve actually cared about because I do so love sad songs.  Given that Husband broke up with me in Spain I have Spanish break up songs. The first is Y Tu Te Vas by Chayanne. The English translation is just so dramatic, it makes me cringe.  And just to make it worse the second Spanish break up song is Yo No Soy Esa Mujer  by Paulina Rubio with lyrics like “I’m not that woman that doesn’t leave the house, that puts at your feet the best of her soul”. I’m sure I’m translating that wrong.  Oh the drama of having your first broken heart! And to cap it all off I left Spain for England and the hottest song on the radio at that time was Oasis’ Stop Crying Your Heart Out. Lord. But let’s be clear here I cried three times over him, then just got pissed with him for being an idiot and then married him.
  • Waiting on a Sunny Day Bruce Springsteen. September 11, 2001. I don’t think it was even written at that point and I guess it doesn’t make sense from a lyrics standpoint but nevertheless when I saw the WTC last weekend this was the song that popped into my mind.
  • Street Spirit Radiohead – this is Husband’s end of the night song. I got Husband Radiohead tickets and he called me and told me he had to work and couldn’t come and that I should stand outside the concert venue and scalp them. After I expressed my displeasure over that plan I told him to get his ass to Houston and he did. We missed the first few songs they played but we heard Street Spirit which was the first Radiohead song Husband introduced me to.
  • Holiday Madonna – Did you guys ever go to the roller rink? I feel like you must of if you were a child of the 80s. I was living in Hong Kong at the time and this song was always played, it was before inline skates but after the neon tube sock craze. I don’t actually like this song very much there are better Madonna songs.
  • Concerto in F George Gershwin This was the first song we played in Band that I actually really liked. It was our marching band song my freshman year. It’s funny how much of an influence being in Band had on me. My closest high school friends are from there, the directors were some of my favorite teachers. I had my first high school crush on a senior in band.  For Husband debate played a similar role. I hope my not currently existing progeny find something at school they are passionate about that doesn’t involve cocaine or self-mutilation.

One Response to “Music Part II”

  1. Emilia said

    I hated Concerto in F. Hated, hated, hated. Could be because I fell down in competition and rolled onto the Alamo Dome turf.

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