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The Big Apple

Posted by parsingtime on October 7, 2008

Random lives in the Big Apple and I live in Queen City.  I’ll let you guess which one is more interesting, has better food and is home to one of my favorite people.

I had a great weekend in New York despite having random Indian men solicit me for sex.  I ate A M A Z I N G cupcakes at Two Little Red Hens bakery. And when I say amazing I mean that if the cupcake and Husband were drowning I would probably pick Husband but only because I could buy another cupcake and not another Husband.  If the bakery had burned down and there were no cupcakes left except the one drowning? Well, that’s another story.

I also ate a great hot fudge sundae at Dylan’s Candy Bar. I only want to high light this because they put fudge in the cup before scooping in the ice cream. I appreciate that I’m going to get a chocolaty bite every time. So good job Dylan. 

Um, I also had really good gelato at Grom. And amazing donuts at a tiny little shop whose name I don’t remember but they have been featured on the Travel Channel. They make donuts in funky flavors (pumpkin, tres leches, chocolate black out, caramel apple etc). And I drank Tea at Moby’s vegan tea house, Teany.

I suppose I should mention that I also ate great Thai food, Ramen, French, Greek, Tapas and Vietnamese food.  The Greek restaurant even gave Random and I free dessert (I have no idea what it was called but it was good!). Out of all the food I ate probably the Banh Mi was my favorite and not because it was the cheapest meal I had in New York.

If you go to New York ask Random for food recommendations, she knows what she is doing in finance and food.

Oh and I also saw a bunch of stuff but lets be honest it was all secondary to the food. I did manage to hit up the Met, the Moma, Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock), Central Park, Wall Street, the World Trade Center site and Battery Park for a peak at the Statue of Liberty. I also made my mojitos for a group of people I don’t know which for me the person who only cooks for my sister and Husband was a big deal.

So all in all a great trip, especially since Random didn’t have to work. The only negative is that my feet hate me at the moment for walking the entire city instead of taking the subway.

Oh and when I got back I forgot where I parked my car and the long term parking people had to call out a person to drive me up and down the aisles looking for my car. It was quite embarassing. Though CLT? Please put up some darn numbers or list the aisles with the alphabet or something. It would be really helpful. Thanks.


3 Responses to “The Big Apple”

  1. stephen said

    was the donut place doughnut plant? (
    they have a couple locations in tokyo i always hit up. last time i tried their tres leches donut and it rocked

  2. It was the Doughnut Plant! Good to know that I can get one in Tokyo as well.

  3. Random said

    Playing foodie tour guide is one of my favorite pasttimes. Great visit – I won’t hold the food bar as high when I come see you in Charlotte.

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