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Live Blogging the Debate

Posted by parsingtime on October 2, 2008

Joe Biden comes out fighting talking about the disaster of the economic policy of the last 8 years. Also mentions Obama’s four point plan.

Palin: asks us to talk to parents at a soccer game to find out how they feel about the economy and says betcha.  McCain is putting country first and putting aside politics.

Joe: until two weeks ago McCain said the economy was strong.  McCain is out of touch.

Palin: He was talking about the american work force and they are great. As a governor and Mayor I’ve joined the Mavericks and put partisan politics aside. Barack votes soley along party lines. Get down to gettin’ business done. (Joe smiles weirdly).  Maverick is said twice.

Subprime Lending: Who was at fault

Palin: predator lenders, deception, greed corruption. Joe Six Pack and Hockey moms need to join together and say we will never be taken advantage of again. Parsing aside – I do appreciate that despite getting made fun of and attacked for her terminology etc that she is sticking with it. Makes me think she is just acting as she really is…though in some ways that is scary too.

Biden: Barack warned of the sub prime crisis (Really? I doubt that).  John called for deregulation. Middle class needs relief, tax relief.

Palin: I agree we need tax relief. Barack had 94 opportunities to side on peoples side but he voted against tax breaks. We need to keep more of what we earn and government needs to learn to live with less.

They are both lauding their running mates. Doing their duty as VPs. Good job.

Biden: She didn’t answer the question.

Palin: I’m still on the tax thing.  I may not answer the questions they way you or the moderator want but I’m going to talk straight to the American people

I don’t like this answer. 

Palin: Lessen the tax burden on our families. Barack’s programs will cost a trillion dollars (as if he could get a trillion dollars worth of programs passed). John McCain is giving a 5,000 credit on income tax for health care. Affordibility and accessibility the keys

Biden: John calling for $4 billion tax cut on Exxon. Small business owners not getting increase in taxes (I should hope not, though really I don’t mind paying my taxes).  McCain taxes as income healthcare through the employer. Bridge to Nowhere mentioned. Can’t afford to slow up on education or creating new jobs (how are we going to create new jobs, Joe?). We are going to eliminate wasteful spending.

Palin: Nice thing about running with McCain is he doesn’t say one thing to one group and something else to another (zing!). I had to take on the oil companies (your husband works for BP, woman), they aren’t my biggest fans. Barack voted for energy plan giving breaks to oil companies and then I had to undo.

Gwen: But what would you take off your plan in light of economic issues?

Palin: Nothing.

Okay this is hard…liveblogging isn’t easy…I may have to stop and just pay attention.

Palin ignores the question again and goes back to energy.

Palin: need to reduce emissions, deal with climate change, become energy independent.

Biden: If you don’t understand the cause you can’t come up with a solution. We have 3% of oil reserves and consume 25%. McCain voted against alternative energy sources 20 times. We think we can create jobs in wind and solar. Export of the technology.  They think the only answer is drill drill drill

Palin: The chant is drill baby drill. (I don’t like how she corrected him, the liberal in me is coming out — sorry if it offends you). I do support capping carbon emissions.

Biden: I support same-sex benefits to people (I know a lot of people have issues with this. But I absolutely believe everyone should have the same rights…if your church doesn’t want to marry two men or two women fine that is their right as a private organization, but the government can’t decide who can marry)

Palin: We can’t redefine marriage. I am tolerant of adults in America choosing their partners. We wouldn’t stop visitations in a hospital. I don’t support defining marriage as anything but between one man and one woman.

Biden: We don’t support from a civil side redefining what constitutes marriage.

They agree on this. I don’t.  But I think the answer is political on the democratic side in attempt to keep/get votes. People are people. Give them the rights afforded by heterosexuals.


Palin: I support you Joe and appreciate what you have done in supporting the troops. You said in the primaries that Barack was not ready to lead. And I agree. (Joe continues to grin in split screen)

Biden – McCain voted agianst some funding. McCain dead wrong on fundamental issues on the war.

Palin just nuclear like Bush. Lord help me I can’t listen to four more years of someone mispronouncingthat word. Please in the words of Nelly Furtado say it right.

Palin: Two state solution is a solution (on Israel/Palestine). Commitment there to work with friends in Israel.

Biden: Joe talks about himself in third person.  No one has been a better friend to Israel than Joe Biden

Palin: Change is comin’. McCain is a maverick.

Biden: How different is McCain going to be different than GWB. (Joe is getting fiesty).

I don’t think Gwen is asking her questions all that well.  I like Palin’s suit. She is a fit woman, especially for her age and for just having a baby. It’s impressive.

Palin: Oh man, it’s just so clear I’m such a Washington outsider.

I have no real issue with John McCain being President. He will clearly do the best he can and probably do as decent a job as anyone can and will certainly be better than Bush but I just don’t think Palin is capable of being President.  I wish McCain had picked Tom Ridge or Pawlenty.

Palin: Now doggoneit. Shout Out to the third graders at Gladiswood Elementry (did the VP candidate just do a shout out? A shout out? Really?)

Biden: I have a history of getting things done. I would the point person for legislative initiatives. I will give him my best advice.

Palin: Founding fathers wise in allowing flexibility to the VP position.

Did Biden say Bosniacs?

Biden is almost crying. The story of his wife dying is very sad. His second wife seems sweet.

Palin: “We’ve not got to allow…” Of course if I were up there I would definitely mess up my sentences too.

Okay, I’m done. One question and closing statements to go.


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