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Bone Picking

Posted by parsingtime on October 28, 2008

I know a lot of you out there love the Pinkberry phenomenon but I have to say I find frozen yogurt masking as soft serve ice cream to be gross. Every time I passed Pinkberry with Random in NYC I had to groan about how much I hate yogurt unless its for breakfast.

My first experience with the yogurt as a crappy ice cream substitute was in Korea, which I’m led to believe was the birth place of this food item that belongs in the grocery store next to the sour cream and pudding cups.

Husband was working in Seoul and I went to visit him. I had brought with me a pink iPod for Husband’s Korean manager who was desperate to give one to his girlfriend for her birthday.  He was so grateful that I flew that damn thing in the box (which was way big back in 2004) in my carry on luggage that he took us out for dinner as a thank you.  He had heard from Husband how much I liked ice cream so instead of ordering dessert we went to a mall like place and he ordered this ginormous ice cream that came with cake pieces, fresh fruit, sauces, chocolate chips and all sorts of yummy things. Being the greedy ice cream lover that I am I took a huge bite and had to swallow the look of disgust that wanted to appear on my face as soon as that ice cream hit my taste buds.

Do you know how shocking it is to taste unflavored yogurt when you are expecting ice cream? And after the insult of feeding me gross dessert the manager added further injury by taking Husband to work (at 11pm at night) saying it would only take an hour or two at most to finish. I watched several hours of Sex and the City in Korean, organized Husbands expense receipts and had fallen asleep by the time Husband showed up at 4am.

And because of that night? Pinkberry and all its copies are dead to me.


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Locker Room for Football or Croquet Players?

Posted by parsingtime on October 27, 2008

This is from the Harvard Magazine which we started getting post-graduation. I think it shows one of the many reasons why Harvard will never be in contention for a National Championship. Fortunately, Husband and I have Texas football to meet those needs.

At Dillon Field House, the football squad now suits up in opulently refurbished rooms. Lining the walls are 114 cherrywood lockers with crown moldings, equipped with built-in safes and wood seats. Structural columns are encased with “Shaker-design custom hardwood cherry.”  Sports mantras are inscribed on ceiling soffits, and one wall displays a mural depicting high moments from seasons past.  Two multimedia statios feature 46-inch flat planel TVs, video projectors, and iPod docks; a refrigeration unit stores beverages and ice cream…Vistor’s locker rooms were “touched up,” but not transfigured”

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Posted by parsingtime on October 27, 2008

You know when you hear on shows like Dateline and 60 Minutes that a lot of people are one major medical emergency away from bankruptcy? It doesn’t really hit home until you’ve spent $800 on some really unexpected dental work (I went in for a check and came out with a root canal) and you have insurance.

And even though I just paid $800 at the dentist’s office instead of on tickets to Barbados at least I can afford it (though it didn’t make handing over my credit card any less painful).

The most painful part though wasn’t the root canal. It’s that I floss and brush my teeth day and night without fail and Mr. Haphazard Night-Time Brusher, aka Husband, does none of that and has perfect inexpensive teeth. It kills me.

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Posted by parsingtime on October 26, 2008


We stood in line for two hours (we got to the local library a few minutes before the polls opened and there were already 100 people in line) before we finally made it in to vote.

I also stole two of the stickers they hand out so that I could wear one today and one on election day.

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At Least I Don’t Love Cocaine

Posted by parsingtime on October 23, 2008

I like to obsess over food*. When I find something I like, I eat it ALL. THE. TIME. until I’m sick of it.  So far my oatmeal obsession is still around, but before I was on my oatmeal kick I was eating Puffins Cereal. I ate it for months, took it on the plane in a baggie as a snack, told everyone I could how wonderful Puffins were and now I don’t touch the stuff. 

Right now, I’m also eating Pav Bhaji all the time. It can be best described at the Indian version of a sloppy joe. It is super healthy for (all vegetables, spices and a can of crushed tomatoes – recipe if you would like it) especially the way I make it (Husband won’t eat his mother’s version and will eat mine so that is saying something!)….though the authentic original Mumbai Street food version uses a stick of butter or something ridiculous and then puts more on top.  I must really love it since it involves a lot of chopping/steaming and two pots and I’ve been making a huge batch every week for lunch.   I also have an obsession with clementines but you can’t get them year round which probably keeps me from overdosing on them. Though truth be told they only started appearing in my grocery store about three weeks ago and I’ve already eaten approximately $50 worth of mini oranges with no real nutritional value except keeping away the scurvy.

There is something wrong with me. And this is why I don’t drink frequently or do drugs because addiction could easily be switched out for obsession.

I like eating the same thing over and over. The three food things I unnatuaraly love are pretty healthy for me.  I like lots of other things though, things I could eat all the time except I don’t buy them or keep them at home. Like ice cream, cake, cookies etc.

All the above is to provide some background as to why I threw away an entire tub of Breyers ice cream that Husband lovingly bought for me. It was a new flavor that he knew I would like. And I like it. A lot. So much so I’m able to convince myself with all those law school taught negotiation skills that eating a small bowl of ice cream at 3:00pm in the afternoon is fine because I’m not eating six clementines.  And then I feel sick and guilty about how many more crunches the evil gym Nazi’s would make me do if they knew. So I threw it away.

And then I put some sweet potato peels in the container so I wouldn’t pull a Miranda.

*I thought you all might be tired of all my political posts and given how deep we are into election season this is the only story I have for you.

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Southpaws Ruling the World

Posted by parsingtime on October 22, 2008

Ronald Reagan, 40th President, left handed
George HW Bush, 41st President, left handed
Bill Clinton, 42nd President, left handed
Al Gore – should have been 43rd President, left handed
Barack Obama/John McCain, 44th President of the United States and both are left handed

I’m left handed and left handed people are awesome.

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Posted by parsingtime on October 20, 2008

I couldn’t help but smile when I passed by the library today and saw cars waiting in line on the road to get into the library parking lot to vote early. It was similar to the lines I saw during the gas shortage but much more heart warming.  I love seeing people vote. I love seeing people excited about elections.

I spent part of my morning looking up some of the local candidates that I get to vote for. There are a lot of libertarians on the NC ballot and I love it. I know they have no chance at winning but maybe ten years or twenty years from now libertarians or green party candidates will have a fighting chance. I love the possibilities. I think having grown up in countries where civil liberties were non-existent makes me more partial to the voting process than the average person.

I really hope NC gives out the I Voted stickers like they do in Texas.  BTW, I haven’t voted yet. I like to wait until a little closer to election day because the waiting to hear who won? Kills me.

So go vote. It’s fun.

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I Disagree

Posted by parsingtime on October 18, 2008

When I live blogged the Palin/Biden debate I mentioned that I was for gay marriage. Something that neither the Democrats or Republicans support.   Please excuse the gross generalizations that might follow, I know not all Republicans or Democrats can be grouped together.

I’m bothered by the fact that the Democrats don’t support Gay Marriage.  It is a civil rights issue. You may believe that homosexuals are going to burn in hell for their proclivities.  Your God may be telling that to you through the bible or the Koran or perhaps you just find the idea of it gross. Maybe, like the Democrats you know to support such a thing will lose you votes.  But do you really have the right to impose your beliefs religious or otherwise on someone else? 

Do you really believe that someone would choose to be gay if they had a choice?  You’re attracted to who you are attracted to. I’m attracted to men with thighs that are thinner than mine, it’s unfortunate but it can’t be helped. 

It seems to me that giving homosexuals the right to civil unions but not marriage is similar to saying “hey, if you’re black you can still ride the bus but sit at the back, okay?”   

The arguments against Gay marriage are usually:

  1. Marriage is between one man and one woman – who defined marriage in the first place? And if it was some sort of religious entity then the right of freedom of religion in the US also implies that you have the right to be free from religion if you so choose.
  2. It is not a good environment in which to raise kids – we allow murderers and child molestors to procreate without a blink of an eye.  Surely Parental love and commitment to kids means more than the sex of the couple.
  3. Marriage is for procreation – so given that my mom is now post-menopausal should she and my dad separate because they can no longer procreate?  The world is way above its carrying capacity anyway so I don’t think this matters.
  4. Gay Relationships are immoral – by whose definition?

I realize that I’ve simplified the issue and there are a lot of arguments on the other side. You are welcome tear apart this blog post though I don’t plan on defending myself because I really believe that gay people should have the right to marry. Just like some people really believe Obama is a Muslim or that Cindy McCain is a drug addict.

My point is: Democratic Party, you need a grow a pair and do the right thing.

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Posted by parsingtime on October 15, 2008

Husband read the previous post and would like me to point out that he calls me at home everyday so I do  have someone to talk to. Here is what our conversation is like most days:


Hey, what’s going on?

Nothing. What’s going on with you?


Okay. I guess I’ll see you tonight.

Okay, love you. Bye.


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Wanted: Friends

Posted by parsingtime on October 14, 2008

Husband went to bed twenty minutes ago. 9:20. He went to bed at 9:20. He made noises about a bad day and just wanting it to be over or something.

I try to be a good wife. I’ve learned to cook, I pack his lunch with love everyday (since he now lacks an expense account), he has yet had to do any laundry here in Charlotte, I don’t withhold sex, pay bills and am generally pretty reasonable, but I spend all day by myself, in front of a computer with no one to talk to.

So for the love of God, Husband you can’t go to bed early and sentence me to two more hours in my own company.  It is killing me. Though now I’m seeing where a dog might come in handy.

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