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Where Am I

Posted by parsingtime on September 23, 2008

I’m waist high in what is known as making a mess of my work life. I think I should have just gritted my teeth and kept my mouth shut about good ol’ Lucius because actually doing something about the situation? Might make me crazy.

I don’t know how to use Microsoft Access. So I got Access for Dummies from the library which is slowly making me realize that this project is definitely much bigger than my skills. So I started drawing out what I want the database to look like and that is going fine. I tried to find a Access person to help me out. Do you know that Access programmers go for $100 an hour? Which seems way out of my budget.  But then, I decided that I could go the foreign route and get myself some cheap-er labor from Guatemala or India. And so that’s where I am. In need of a programmer.

I bounced the idea off a former co-worker, someone I really respect and she thought it had the potential to be a great idea. So now to bounce is off my former boss. If he likes it then making an investment of several thousand dollars is worth it, right?

I kind of feel like I jumped off the deep end only knowing doggy paddle.


2 Responses to “Where Am I”

  1. tiembo said

    pardon my language.

    i can accept the fact that non-tech companies still use a piece of shit pseudo-database like access, but how the fuck are contractors STILL able to get away with charging ridiculous amounts to support it? gross.

    feel free to email me with programming questions, maybe i can help!

  2. Emilia said

    If you learn Access, I should pay you to teach me. As an “information professional” I’m supposedly an expert in these things, but not so much. I can use our dinky, yet simple program and have an attractive, useful, and linked db in less than an hour, yet 3 hours into Access I had 2 fields in a place I didn’t want them…and nothing else.

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