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My Mother The Loan Shark

Posted by parsingtime on September 23, 2008

When I was sophomore I got into this summer political program at Georgetown. I had lined up an unpaid internship with Daniel Patrick Moynihan and I was SO EXCITED. A whole summer in Washington DC, one of my favorite cities ever.

I needed something like $5,000 for the summer to cover living expenses and the cost of the program. $5,000 which I definitely did not have. So I told my parents about the summer job I lined up and all the credit I would get from Georgetown that was transferable etc.  And, my mom said I couldn’t go. I think my Dad probably avoided the conversation completely because he is incapable of saying no to either my sister or I.  She said it was too expensive and with my sister starting at a private university in the fall it just wasn’t possible.  I was upset, naturally but I did some summer school, worked part-time and more or less forgot the whole episode. But for about a week it was traumatic, dramatic and clearly my mom didn’t want me to succeed in life.

Today I was telling my mom that I thought I would probably spend about $5,000 doing everything I need to do to get my little idea off the ground but that I had no idea if it would even be successful.  And she immediately responded with, well if you need a loan your dad and I will give it to you. I told her that I could make it on my own but that I appreciated the offer. She then said, well we could just make a real loan and instead of interest you can just give me 10% of your profits.  TEN percent, I said, you can’t have ten percent!  And she laughed.

When I told my mom about a trip to Australia I was hoping to take, she immediately offered up my dad’s frequent flier miles so that I wouldn’t have to pay for a ticket.  She also takes me shopping whenever I’m home and likes to slip $100 bills into my wallet before I leave. 

If she had been able to afford Georgetown eight years ago, she would have sent me. Especially since she now has a head for investment by trying to get ten percent out of me. Fortunately, Mama didn’t raise no fool.


One Response to “My Mother The Loan Shark”

  1. Emilia said

    The way things are going, we may all need a loan from the Bank of Ranj.

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