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You May Begin

Posted by parsingtime on August 4, 2008

Good luck to Husband on opening his own company today! He has a partner, (we’ll name him, Hedgehog or perhaps the Hog for short) of course, so he isn’t doing this on his own but it’s still a big day. He might be a bit nervous if all the tossing and turning last night is anything to go by.  Being the good wife that I am I made him some hearty oatmeal this morning and packed his lunch. I also left a note in his lunch like Emilia’s mother used to do in high school. I didn’t however cut his sandwich into the shape of a heart. I’m not that good.  I feel like we just flashed back to the 1950s but since he isn’t working at a big company paying him big dollars eating sandwiches and leftovers for lunch is in his forseeable future.

I think I mentioned that I would never be a size zero again and so before moving I threw away all my small clothes. Well that has come to bite me in the ass because now I have about two inches of give in several of my pants and my bras are puckering because the gals seem to have gotten tad smaller . The scale has not moved one tenth of a pound but the new gym seems to have done something to the old body. I’m of course thrilled though confused as I’m doing nothing different than Boston. Perhaps the weather here means my body doesn’t feel the urge to hold on to the fat for warmth.  Or maybe it’s the new breakfast. It is sort of amazing to me that a year ago in India is when I first started exercising regularly. I’m sort of surprised that I’ve kept it up.

I’m in the process of perfecting my mojito recipe so I will post that soon. I don’t really like alcohol but I enjoy learning how to make the few things I do like (Sangria, Mojitos and Bellinis) because I don’t like paying $9 for a Mojito when I can buy an entire bottle of rum that will make twenty mojitos for $12.

We saw Batman last week. I really really liked the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. I thought it was one of the best action films I’d seen in a long time.

What else? I started reading those Twlight vampire books because they were hyped up as being as good as the Harry Potter series. Bella is the name of the main character. I’ve never read a more immature or stupidly in-love to the detriment of everything else character.  She does not kick ass, she cries and makes doe eyes at her vampire boyfriend. I don’t get the obessession. Harry Potter this is not. I did read The Book Thief  which is also young adult literature and really enjoyed it. It is about WWII from the perspective of two german kids and narrated by Death. I’ve also read Bel Canto and Three Cup of Tea both of which I enjoyed and are good reads though won’t be on the top of my favorites list. I’m also in the process of reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Just Enough by Howard Stevenson, which is a book about being successful at work and in your personal life that Husband recommended. I actually have four books going right now. Like I said earlier there is not a lot to do in Queen City.

Okay, kids have happy Monday.

PS – Emilia – Clearly you could guide tours around Charlotte since the tour guide told me about the craftsman stuff. I was hoodwinked! 🙂


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