More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on July 24, 2008

When Husband and I lived in Dallas we would go walk the Katy Trail several times a week. It was never really for exercise but more like time to be away from our cell phones, blackberrys, laptops, tv etc. and just catch up without distractions. I just reread that sentence and I know it sounds retarded, the need to catch up with someone you live with. Nevertheless, we enjoyed out little evening walks.  When we moved to Boston the five flights of stairs, miserably cold weather and having to walk to get anywhere rendered our walks unnecessary and un-enjoyable.

Since we have been back in the South we have reinstated the walks. Random aside, I’m walking most evenings and have joined a gym where I’m taking some crazy ass classes (kickboxing, power weights, pilates etc) and I’m starting to notice a difference in my body, finally.  Anyway, Husband and were out walking today and there was a woman out walking a Saint Bernard. A massive Saint Bernard. A massive Saint Bernard named Cujo.  Now why would you name your dog Cujo?  It is funny when you name your Pug Cujo but not your Saint Bernard or your Rottweiler.  Cujo was super excited to see us and decided his life would not be complete until he had committed assault and battery on two unsuspecting walkers.

He ESCAPED from his very complicated harness and basically ran in between Husband and I (Husband at this point was separated from me since big dogs are not his favorite thing) multiple times licking our shirts, legs and anything else he could get his long wet tongue on. The poor dog walker had to give him a sack full of treats to get his attention.

I have no real way to end this post. So I’ll just end with this conversation.

Scene: Two people lying on opposite ends of the couch with their legs stretched out to the other side.

Did you just smell my feet?


Why would you do that?

I was just curious. They smell fine.

Curious? Who is curious about how feet smell? You are so gross. And weird. You are so weird.



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