More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on July 14, 2008

I’ve got nothing. I know things have been quiet over hear on ye olde blog but I seriously have nothing interesting to say. Of course if you want uninteresting then please let me tell you all about my trips to Wal-Mart, Target and Harris Teeter. They are thrilling.

Our furniture arrived and we are moved in. If anyone wants to send me someone with an eye for decoration I will gladly take it. I find the last 5% of moving in to be the most painful. Will this look good on this wall or is it overkill. Should I put my wooden Giraffes from South Africa here or does that wooden vase Husband bought be in Indonesia look better? I don’t know. I don’t care. But at the same time I wouldn’t mind if my apartment looked completely awesome.

I will tell you however what I’ve been eating for breakfast since I’ve been in Charlotte. I’ve been eating 1 part Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal to 3 parts oatmeal made with milk (calcium it’s good for you). I then add a squirt of Agave syrup which is some kind of low glycemic diabetic’s sugar (it is not processed, it’s a naturally occurring substance like honey), a bit of dry granola and some raspberries and for the first time ever I am full all morning.

Seriously try it…it tastes good and is good for you.

4 Responses to “Boring”

  1. Emilia said

    Love your place mats.
    I’ll have to stick with my cheerios and banana for breakfast since I’d have to get up when my alarm went off in order to make oatmeal.

  2. Random said

    I’ll pay you to come live with me and make me breakfast.

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