More Annoyed than Amused

House of Mirth

Posted by parsingtime on July 1, 2008

This should be an ode to Queen City my new home.

We arrived safe and sound in Queen City today after a harrowing two day car ride. And by harrowing I mean Husband and I behaved like five year olds (“stop looking at me,” “stop telling me how to drive,” “do you know any car games? Yes? <game playing ensues> “you’re cheating” “no you can’t just change the rules like that” “how come you aren’t talking to me?” etc etc). Clearly married people like us should not be in a car together for too long.

At the end of the trip was a lovely new apartment across from a lovely grocery store, with it’s own washer and dryer in the apartment with me not five floors down and across a courtyard. So overall Queen City was making a good impression on me. And then we went to Qdoba where this heinous girl (even Husband thought she just didn’t care and was sloppy), who I’m pretty sure doesn’t wash her hands made my stuff and gave me food poisoning.

I threw up what looked like diarrhea multiple times over. Poor Husband heard the retching and came in to hold my hair back and rub my back while I cried and then threw up and then cried again and threw up some more. It was like that time many years ago when I watched the House of Mirth with Random and I commented that the movie was so depressing it made me feel sick and then I was sick for the next eight hours.

Husband was a champion last night with the hair holding and getting of things from the grocery store. If he had been the one vomiting I probably would have closed the door and handed him things through a crack in the door.  I think the worst part about throwing up is not being able to breathe. You keep throwing up and you can’t catch your breath. I also don’t like to see stuff spew from my mouth like that since it looks like a scene from a horror movie.

Anyway, this morning I think I’m feeling better. I’m going to try to eat some dry toast and see how it goes. But seriously, Queen City? You are not endearing yourself to me.


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